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the number audit samplingHere's a simple, yet powerful statistical sampling package used in CPA firms, corporate offices, banks, government agencies and universities. Whether you are an internal auditor or a CPA, The Number is just what you've been looking for! Not only will it generate random numbers, it will do random or systematic selection of samples for Attribute Tests of Controls or Variables Testing. Then it goes a step further and helps you evaluate the results.

A reviewer in The Practical Accountant said ``While extremely easy to use,.. The Number is actually a quite powerful statistical tool. ...letting you leave those statistical charts back in the office is worth every penny of the software's price."read more

number coach   The Number Coach will help you get started. Questions guide you to the proper option to use. Together with an introductory demo, learning couldn't be easier.
quick random number generator   A Quick Random Number Generator has many uses. Simply enter a range of numbers and how many numbers you need.

For Auditing, choose from...
attribute testing   Attribute Testing - Attribute Estimation, Discovery Sampling & Stop-or-Go Sampling
classical variables sampling   Classical Variables Sampling - Mean-per-Unit, Difference Estimation & Ratio Estimation
monetary unit sampling   Monetary Unit Sampling or PPS (requires a file)
  Substantive Testing from a stratified population - (non-statistical)
select options
No need to refer to tables or charts. The Number will statistically calculate the sample size based on your input. You may also enter your own sample size. Your population may be ranges of numbers, dates, paired pages and lines or a file. Options using a file use Excel® data records and create a new spreadsheet containing only the sample records for easy analysis. Other workpapers allow you to enter required information about the population, type of testing and definition of errors.
results evalutation   Each testing option has a corresponding Results Evaluation option to enter test results and error information. The program will project the sample errors to the entire population and return an ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ statement for your hypothesis.
results evalutation   The File Browser lets you browse, sort, filter, import and export files of data. File and field statistics are also available.

for auditing
The Number has been certified as statistically accurate.
The toolbar with TOOLTIPS and on-line HELP provide quick answers. You will also receive a user manual, introductory demo and phone support.
Works in Windows XP and VISTA environments.
Single or site user licenses are available. Call 800-638-2220 to place your order or purchase online.

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